Set up the Question Bank

Learn how to add test or assessment questions in the Question Bank on Wajooba.

Similar to the traditional learning system that we have in schools or universities, Wajooba allows you to assess your members’ understanding of the topics you discussed from your classes or learning materials through tests.

The Question Bank houses all the questions that will be part of your tests. We’ll help you organize your collection based on how you want to build your tests.

Step 1: Create a Question Bank

Create one question bank for each subject you teach. 

  1. Go to Courses
  2. To go to your Question Bank, select the chat bubble 💬 icon from the upper right corner of the page. You'll see the list of all your question banks for each subject and when it was last updated.
  3. From the same corner, select the plus ➕ icon to add a question bank.
  4.  Enter the name and the subject in its corresponding fields. For example, “Quiz 1,” “Exercise 1,” “Final Examination,” and so on. 
  5. Select Submit.

Step 2: Add chapters

Chapters help you categorize questions based on the topic where it was covered. This also helps you manage your question bank, especially if you want to create an equal number of questions per chapter.

You can also add chapters based on the difficulty of your questions. For example, you can label them as easy or difficult.

⚠️ We require users to add chapters first before you add a question. Chapters play a vital part in the categorization of questions used when you create online tests. It is also very important in mapping the questions if you do an import to add questions.

  1. Select Add Chapter, then select the plus ➕ icon to add a new chapter.

    💡 If you want to see a previously deleted chapter, select the  Show All ⬇️ icon instead.

  2. Enter the name and its description in its corresponding fields. For example, "Algebra," then "Formula Test" as its description.
  3. Select Submit.

Step 3: Add questions

While some are new to Wajooba and to selling their brand, we understand that some have been sharing their expertise and selling their training brand for years. With that, we know that you may already have your own set of questions for your tests and activities that you would want to import on Wajooba.

There are multiple ways of adding questions in the Question Bank.

💡 If you already have your set of questions, we highly recommend importing your file to save time setting up the Question Bank.

If you want to have a different set of questions for each of your students, we recommend adding as many questions as you can for each chapter. This helps the system randomize the questions available and minimizes the members from copying answers from one another.

For example, you have 100 available questions in a chapter. When you create a test, you can include ten questions only for the test. The system will then randomize which questions to appear when your members take the test.

  1. To add a question, select the plus ➕ icon from the upper right corner of the page.
  2. From the Chapter dropdown, select the chapter where the question has been covered.

    💡 If you need to add a new chapter, you can quickly do so. Select the plus ➕ icon next to the dropdown and add a chapter.

  3. Enter your question in the text box. You can also add an image, video, or audio to add more context to your question.
  4. Select the appropriate answer type based on the question. Select ➕ or ✖️ to add or remove, respectively, an answer choice.
    • Single: Select this option if your question requires one answer only.
    • Multi choice: Select this if your question has more than one correct answer from the choices.

    💡 You can use an image to serve as your choices or as a supplemental resource to the given choices. Select Upload Image and select an image from your computer.

  5. (Optional) You can opt to add a student or parent explanation about the answer or why this is important in understanding the concept of the course, respectively.
  6. Select Submit.

🎉 Awesome! You just created your first Question Bank.

You can now start creating your tests and quizzes.

If you have your own .csv, .tsc, .txt file hosting your questions for your course, you can import them to Wajooba.

This is very helpful when you have a large number of questions that you would just want to import instead of entering manually. For example, if you have 100 questions, you can just import it to the question bank.

We have to make sure that your file matches the columns and headers, so you won’t have any problems mapping it. You can upload any file with any set of columns as long as it has one record per row.

Make sure to assign the following as column head, in similar order.

  • Chapter name: The data under this column should be the same chapters you added in Step 1.
  • Name: The Name column will consist of the actual questions you'll ask to the students.
  • Choice #: Add columns similar to the number of choices you have. Note that you can’t add choices that are more than four. For example, add four columns if you have four choices and label it as Choice 1, Choice 2, Choice 3, and Choice 4.
  • Answer Choice: The data under the Answer Choice column would be the correct choice to your question. For example, if the answer is Choice 1, enter 1.
  • Student Explanation
  • Parent Explanation

You can upload any .csv, .tsv, .txt file with any set of columns as long as it has 1 record per row. Depending on the file size, the upload may take 5-10 minutes.

  1. From your Question Bank page, select Import Questions 📖.
  2. Select Next on the prompt.
  3. Select Upload data from file and open the file from your computer.

Match the details on your file with the categories on Wajooba.

  1. After it processes your data, Wajooba will confirm the column headers from your file. When asked, “Does the selected row contain column headers?” select Yes since we have already organized your data from Step 2. Otherwise, Select Select another row or No header row.
  2. On the next page, match your file’s column headers. If they match, select Confirm mapping. Otherwise, select Ignore column.
  3. Review your column headers and the data. Make sure that they are mapped correctly. If you’re working on a large amount of data, you can select the Only show rows with problems and Show modifications toggle to help you review.
  4. Select Continue.

🎉 Awesome! You just created your first Question Bank.

You can now start creating your tests and quizzes.

For some, we know that your set of questions may not be readily available as a .csv, .tsv, .txt file. Here’s how you can quickly import your questions on Wajooba without uploading a file.

After you add chapters, we’ll start the import.

  1. From your Question Bank, select Import Questions 📖.
  2. Instead of uploading a file, enter the data per batch.
    • Chapter name: The chapter name should be identical to the chapters you added in Step 1.
    • Name: This pertains to the questions. The column header is labeled as “Name” but the data in this column should consist of questions.
    • Choice #: Add the choices for each of your questions. You should enter at least two choices and at most four.
    • Answer Choice: Enter the choice number of the correct answer. For example, if the answer is Choice 2, enter 2.
    • Student Explanation
    • Parent Explanation
  3. Select Continue.

🎉 Awesome! You just created your first Question Bank.

You can now start creating your tests and quizzes.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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