How to create offer codes / discounts for your courses and products

Wajooba Offer Code feature you can create multiple offers & discount codes for the courses and products, you can give some special offers for Early Birds or People who go for a subscription payment. It's all up to you.

Offers choice can be customized as per the user choice across all the Courses or for a single course.

E.g You can create an offer code OFF10 which be 10% Off and you can put a validity date. 

Let's walk over how to create an offer for any product or course designed

Step 1 - Click on Offers from the features panel 

Offers page gives you the glimpse for Name, Offer Code, Starts On, Expires On, Availed Count, Created Date

Name Name of the Course or Product as per user choice.

Offer code: Name the offer code as per your choice E.g.( CourseName100).

Starts On & Expires: Customize the validity of the code as per your choice.

Availed Count: The total number of offer codes count used on a product or course.

Created Date: Date of Offer code created on the web application.

Step 2 -  Click on add new offer code

Step 3 - Fill out the detail about the offer code

Details to be provided like Name of the offer code, Start & End date, Select the product or course on which the offer code is to be applied, Also add the amount or percentage to the offer code that is to be deducted like Rs. 500 or 10%

Step 4 - Click on Submit button to save the code 

Once the offer is created you can use it in the Store or External checkout Page to complete the transaction if required to apply the discount on the course or product 

Step 5- Apply the saved code during the checkout of the course or product purchase.

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