Register for your first course

Learn how you can register for your first course on Wajooba.

Start learning more and enhance your expertise. You can enroll and register to any courses that are offered on Wajooba.

💡 Already a member? Make sure to check out how to enroll for a new course on your account instead.

We’ll help you how.

Step 1: Select a course to register for

Now that you’ve decided to grow your expertise and master your skill. We’ll help you how you can enroll for your chosen course. Follow these steps.

  1. From the Wajooba public website, go to the Courses menu.
  2. Under the Courses section, select the course you want to register for.

Step 2: Choose a membership

After you select a course, you’ll see a list of membership options to choose from. Your chosen membership option will determine your access to the course and the frequency of your membership payments while enrolled for the course.

From the list of membership options, select your preferred membership based on its amount and frequency of payments.

💡 If you want to know more about the course, scroll down to see its sales page. It should give you more details about the course.

Step 3: Enter personal information

To continue, provide your personal information so we can get you registered as a member of the course. We’ll need your name, email address, and phone number. This will be used for creating your Wajooba account, sending you invoices, contacting you for announcements, and so on.

💡 Note that we may need more information based on the course we’re offering. 

Step 4: (Optional) Apply offers

You can apply discounts and promotions to lessen the amount you’ll pay. 

  1. Select Apply Offer just below the initial total amount you’ll pay.
  2. Enter the promo code.
  3. Select Apply Offer.

It will apply the discount and will recalculate the total amount you’ll pay.

Step 5: Process the payment

Once you’re good with your information and the total amount you’ll pay, you can proceed with the checkout.

  1. Select your preferred payment method.
  2. Enter your payment details.
  3. Select Buy Now.

Since this is your first course with us, you will receive an email with your invoice and user login credentials to login to your account after we process your payment.

🎉 Congratulations! You just registered for a course. You can start learning and building your expertise.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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