Create Class Overview

The easiest way to create a Class or an Event is to go to the Classes & Events Menu. This is where all your existing classes and events are displayed. Click on the plus button to start creating a class or an event. There are three types of classes: regular class, private class, or an event. For Demo, we will create a regular class.

Step 1 :The first step is to select the relevant course, it will help to categorize classes and events. If no course has been created, create one. Do not publish the course if it is for internal use only. Let's go to the Next step.
Step 2 : Enter the name of the class, and select the class type. Now, let's add the dates and times for classes, you can add one or more classes or weekly repeating classes. For Location, it can be a meeting link or an actual address, or both. For online classes, you can enter a Meeting URL manually or with zoom meeting integration, Our system will create a unique zoom link for you. If zoom has not been integrated, go to Settings-> Integrations -> Zoom to connect it. Students will get the Zoom link in their mailbox or they can log in to the account to join the meeting.
Enter the room name and address for the location, this will appear on the Class Calendar, for Online meetings it will display a meeting icon. Now select the Host or Teacher for your class, Teachers can be added from the Users screen in Settings. Last option is to enter the maximum number of people who can attend the class.
And Click on Submit.
The Class or set of Classes have been created and published on the class calendar.
Step 3 : Students can register for the Class to attend it. An attendance register is created with the Student list where student attendance information can be seen, Students can be manually added to the register and the class can be edited or canceled, send email to attendees from here.
Step 4 : Teachers can join the meeting from the Zoom meeting app or by logging in from the website. Students can join by logging into your Mobile App or by going into their account on your browser.

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