How to assign different user roles in Wajooba Portal

Wajooba supports 4 different roles. Let's go through them.


Admin role has all the access to the options, he can add Users, Customize Wajooba, and do everything else


Staff role is one role below the Admin. What access he should have is defined by the role permissions screen.

He does not have access to Account Settings where you can customize job.


The front desk is one role below the STAFF ROLE. Usually, this role is used to allow users access to check-in and daily activities.

All these roles are configurable, and we keep adding now permissions to them.

Let's see the screen, where you can define what each role does


The student role in the wajooba portal is determined by any random user in the database who is only restrained to view courses and upload his/her homework on the wajooba web application

Step1- Go to Admin Settings and then click on Roles

Step2 - Define the allowed permissions for each Role and Click Submit

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