Event types and payment options

Learn more about the different event pricing types you can use when creating an event on Wajooba.

You can offer your events using different pricing options. You can create and host paid events, offer it for free, or host it through donation-based events. In addition, you can promote a partner or other organization’s event through your account.

We’ll help you get familiar with the different event pricing types.

Event pricing types

When setting up the pricing for an event, you can choose from four different pricing types: paid, free, donation-based, or external link. Here’s everything you need to know about these pricing types.

Event pricing types Desciption


You can host paid events for your members. This helps you create different pricing plans to allow them to choose the best option suitable to their needs.

You can sell tickets for your paid events. You can sell it through one-time or recurring payments.

You can host free events as well, usually to promote other courses, events, or services that you offer.
Donation-based events allow you to raise funds to support your organization’s causes. Event participants can opt to donate an amount you set for the donation.
External Link
The external link type works two ways:

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