How to sell Courses and Products

Wajooba Online store helps sell your Courses and Products. For courses, we support multiple pricing or membership options, i.e One time payments, Class passes and recurring payments. For products, you can create One time payment options. You can pricing to the course while creating the course or you can add it later. Lets go to created course and add pricing options. 

Step 1 : Go to pricing tab, here you can see the existing pricing options. Click plus to add new and here we can select between one time and recurring. For one time option, enter the name. When Publish on website option is selected, that payment is visible on your website as well as student logins, otherwise its only available for staff. Intro Membership option, makes payment available only for new Students. Let go Next, set a price, user selects price option allows user to choose his own price, this is good when we are creating donation based courses. If this payment option is for fixed number of classes, then enter the number of sessions. 

Step 2 : There are few more options, charge card fees allows to pass on the card fees to the buyer. You can set the fees percentage in Account settings. Valid Period is period for which the membership is valid, he has to attend that course within that period after purchase.

Step 3 : Lets add a Recurring payment, enter name and click Next, in addition to the existing options, Recurring, allows you to add a One time registration fees, and a Period for which the payment has to be charged. Manual Request means the membership never ends or you can select the number of billing cycles. You can always change this payment values during checkout.

For Products as well, you can add the pricing options in a similar way.

Store Checkout

Step 4 : Before we start accepting online payments, we need to Integrate with a payment provider, Currently we support Stripe, Paymentspring and in process of supporting more payment providers. Go to Integrations and enter the necessary details. Now that we have added the pricing options for our Courses and Products, lets take an overview of store checkout. 

Step 5 : Once integrated, Checkout is a very easy process, select student by entering his name or email, then select the membership, easy navigation allows you to switch easily between items update the details and checkout! You can always accept Cash, Account or ACH or Creditcard based on payment provider. Wajooba does not charge any additional transaction fees.

Invoice is generated upon the transaction, you can always see the purchases by going to the students purchases tab or by going to sales report.

That is it for this video, thanks for watching.

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