Update the course sales page

Learn how you can edit your course's sales landing page on Wajooba.

If published, your course sales landing page would be visible on your public website. This serves as your customers and members’ go-to whenever they need to know more about the course you’re offering. It’s best to keep it updated as frequently as possible to give your prospect members or customers up-to-date information about your offers.

We’ll help you update your course landing page.

Step 1: Review your current sales landing page

Take note of the things you’ll need to edit and update on your landing page. You can look at its preview to see how it looks on the public website and how your customers see it.

  1. From your Wajooba account, go to Courses.
  2. Select the course that you want to update.
  3. Go to the Preview tab.

You should see the title and description of your course, its pricing options, then your sales landing page. Take your time and note everything that you need to update, from its design, images, layout, and contents.

Step 2: Edit your sales landing page

Now that you already know which to update on your course sales landing page, you can continue editing it. 

  1. From your Wajooba account, go to Courses.
  2. Select the course that you want to update.
  3. To edit your course sales page, select the pencil ✏️icon from the upper right corner of the page. You’ll be routed back to the course setup view.
  4. Select Next until you’re on the Edit Page step of the course workflow. 
  5. Edit the design, images, layout, and contents of your sales page. 

💡 Make sure to check out the guide we created for customizing a sales page. This should help you have detailed instructions about the page editor.

Step 3: Review and submit

Once you finish applying all your edits, make sure to double-check and review its contents.

  1. From the Edit Page step of the workflow, select Next.
  2. On the Submit step of the workflow, review and see how the page will look on the website.
  3. Once you’re ready to apply the changes, select Submit. Otherwise, select Previous to go back to the page editor.

🎉 Awesome work! The changes should quickly apply on your public website as well. 

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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