Auto-associate membership with the course

Learn how memberships auto-associate with courses.

Whenever a member registers for a course membership, it gets automatically associated with the course they registered for. This helps them have immediate access to their profile, the chapters and contents, and its classes and events.

We’ll help you understand how memberships auto-associate with courses.

How do memberships get automatically associated with the course?

The course gets automatically associated with the membership when a student registers for it or when you process the membership for them. They will have immediate access to the course and their profile along with its chapters, including the contents, forms, and activities.

Though the students will see the schedules of available classes and events from their Calendar, they will still need to manually register for it to be considered as an attendee. You can also manually add them as an attendee.

What happens when memberships show as unpaid or expired?

The membership gets disassociated when the member is unpaid or their membership expires. You’ll see the membership status from the course’s Attendees tab or Attendance Register.

The membership shows as unpaid when a member has already been added as an attendee of the course, class, or event but hasn’t processed their payments yet. For session-based memberships, they ares s unpaid on the Attendance Register when a member has already exhausted all their available credits. 

Memberships show as expired when it’s past their expiration date. Though you’ll still see the member as an attendee, an expired membership causes it to get disassociated with the course as well.

💡 When the membership is on an “unpaid” or “expired” status, you can opt to limit their access while waiting for them to make their payment. You can change their current batch that has limited access to the contents, classes, or events. Note that changing their batches removes their progress in the course, except for uploaded files, homework, or certificates.

To get them back to paid status, you’ll need to process a membership for them first, then it will automatically get associated with the course, class, or event. For unpaid session-based memberships and expired ones, you’ll also need to change their membership after you process a new one.

Does the membership get disassociated from the course when a member is removed?

Yes. When a member opts to be removed from the course, class, or event, their membership gets disassociated as well.

For members with session-based memberships, the credits they used to register for a class or event get refunded to their membership.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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