Track activity completion

Learn how you can track your completion of each activity from all your registered courses on Wajooba.

Tasks could pile up and keeping track of it could be very difficult, especially if you're enrolled for multiple courses. We'll help you catch up on these tasks and know which activities you need to complete for each course.

Here's how.

About the Activities tab

Your Activities tab serves as your quick checklist to see which activities from each course are already complete and which are not.

From your Wajooba account, go to your profile, then the Activities tab. From there, you should see the list of all your activities, the number of questions each has, its current status, and when you last updated it.

How to track completion of activities

You can quickly see which activities are already complete and which are yet to be completed.

The check ✅ icon under the Status column means that you have already completed the activity. The X ❌ icon, on the other hand, means that you haven't started working on it or it's in in-progress status.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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