Get familiar with the Calendar

Learn more about your classes and events calendar on Wajooba.

Manage your schedules using your calendar. The calendar lists all the classes and events you registered for according to their schedules. This helps you manage and prioritize your urgent and important tasks for the week or event.

We'll help you get familiar to your calendar.

About the Calendar

Your calendar shows you your weekly schedule of classes and events you registered for. To view your calendar, log in to your Wajooba account and go to Classes & Events.

  • Classes: You can only see classes from courses you registered for. If you're planning to attend the class, make sure to register for it before the scheduled session. If you plan on attending a class from a course you're not enrolled for, make sure to register for any membership offered in the course.
  • Events: You'll also see events you registered for on your calendar. You'll also see a list of all upcoming events on the right panel of the same page, including those that you haven't or didn't register for. If you're interested on an event, you can register for it and the event session should appear on your calendar as well.

💡 To see upcoming classes and events for the succeeding weeks, select the Next ▶ icon on the top of the page.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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