Understand session-based credits

Learn more about session-based credits or memberships when attending classes or events on Wajooba.

Session-based memberships can be offered to courses or events depending on your course admins. This type of membership offers flexibility to some students by giving access to only a number of classes or events they can attend to.

For example, if you registered for a course through a 5-session membership, you could attend five classes offered in the course while having unlimited access to the course contents, tests, and forms. The same concept goes for events.

Here are a some frequently asked questions to get you equipped about this membership.

How can I use my session-based credits?

You can use your credits whenever you register for a class or event. One session is equivalent to one credit.

💡 Note that your class credits are different from event credits as they are from separate memberships.

How can I track my remaining credits?

You can track your remaining credits from your profile. It should show on your Memberships tab or your Attendance tab.

💡 If you think there's a discrepancy on the number of your remaining credits, make sure to reach out to your course admins for help.

What happens after I use up all my credits?

Here's what happens after you use up all your credits.

  • Classes: You can still access and complete your course chapters, activities, and tests until your membership expires. However, you won't be able to register for any classes.
  • Events: After using up all your event credits, you won't be able to register for an event.

How can I get more credits?

You can get more credits by registering for a new course or event session-based membership. If you plan to register for more classes or events in the future, you can also consider switching to a recurring or unlimited membership.

Learn more about the different membership types for courses and events.

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