Access Wajooba on mobile devices

You can access your Wajooba account on your iOS or Android mobile devices. 

Your Wajooba account is also designed for smaller displays that makes it convenient for you in accessing and completing your courses, activities, discussions, and tests. This also allows you to get updated on what’s new such as reminders, announcements, alerts, and so on.

Similar to the website, the mobile website or responsive site displays all of Wajooba’s features from its menus, settings, and functionality. It may display it differently on your device’s mobile browser to fit its resolution, but it should still give you the same performance it has when being accessed on laptops or desktop computers.

💡 You won’t have to worry about any updates that we do regularly as it’s also being updated real-time if you access it on your phone.

How can I access my Wajooba account on my phone?

Similar to how you access your account on your laptop or desktop computer, you can go to your Wajooba account’s URL and log in as you usually do.

How is this different from the Customized Branded App?

Wajooba’s responsive site or mobile website is different from your customized mobile application.

The responsive site can be accessed through your mobile device’s browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, or your phone’s built-in browser.

Your customized branded app, on the other hand, should be installed first from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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