Invoice status overview

We know that managing payment transactions can be very difficult. We’ll help you understand invoice statuses, so you can manage and process late payments from your students, customers, or vendors.

The Invoice menu lists all the transactions you processed. It also gives you a quick view of the status of each invoice you recorded. 

Invoice status Description
Completed This means that you already received the payment in full, regardless of the payment method used: card, cash, cheque, or bank account.
Partial The student, customer, or vendor made a partial payment.
Failed An invoice may show as failed when the payment transaction didn’t push through. This may be an issue on the card they used or a system issue encountered when processing the payments.
Pending This is for invoices that were manually created. The pending status means that an invoice has been recorded but no payments have been received yet.
The only status that can be deleted since no payment has been processed yet.
Pending Confirmation You’ll see the “pending confirmation status” when a payment needs a confirmation before you can mark it as completed. This happens when a student opts to pay later and wants to send their payment through cash, cheque, or other external payment methods.
Voided Invoices may be marked as voided to disregard a payment or transaction that didn’t happen. IVoided invoices won’t show when you pull up the reports.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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