Track performance on tests

Learn how you can track your performance on tests, quizzes, or assessments on Wajooba.

Wajooba keeps track of the results of all your quizzes and tests from activities in each course. This helps you point out which topics you need to get back for review and plan how to catch up to meet the course requirements to pass.

We'll help you view your test results and performance.

About the Tests tab

The Tests tab is your guide to see how you perform on each test or assessment given by your course admins. To see your Tests tab, go to your Profile and select the Tests tab.

A trend analysis graph shows how you're performing each month. It gives you an overview how many tests you passed versus failed every month.

Aside from a graph, you can see a detailed list view of all your tests which shows the number of items you correctly answered, failed, or skipped.

How to track test performance

The detailed view list shows you in the Result column if you passed or failed a quiz or test. To review the topic and see the correct answers for each item, you can select each quiz and see the answer key from your course admins.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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