Check-in event attendees

Learn how you can check everyone who attended a session of an event you hosted on Wajooba.

Checking your event attendance every session of an event is good for growing your network and sending promotions or email marketing campaigns. It is a good way to keep in touch with your attendees, especially if you're planning to host a new event or sell a service they might be interested in.

In addition, checking attendance also helps you keep track of your income. You can check from the Event Check-In tab the list of your attendees per session, and see the ticket they purchased to register for the event.

💡 Note that the Attendees tab is different from the Event Check-In tab. The Attendees tab lists everyone who registered for the whole event, while the Check-In tab groups the attendees according to the session they attended. If you're hosting an event with only one session, the list of attendees under both tabs should be the same.

Here’s how you can check everyone who attended the event.

How to check attendance at every event

To see everyone who attended a specific session of the event, follow these steps.

  1. From your Wajooba account, go to Events.
  2. Select the event you want to check.
  3. Go to the Event Check-In tab and select the session in question.

⚠️ If an attendee registered for an event membership but did not attend any of the sessions, they won't show anywhere under the Check-In tab. They will only show under the Attendees tab.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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