Manage event attendees

Learn how you can use your Attendance Register to manage your event attendees.

The Attendance Register lists everyone who registered for the event your organization is hosting. This allows you to manage their attendance, registratiion and memberships, send announcements, message alerts, and so on. To know how you can keep track of your members' attendance on the day of your events, see how you can check-in event attendees.

💡 Classes have its own attendance register. If you need to manage your class attendees, we created a separate guide to help you with what you need. Make sure to check it out!

Review your Attendance Register

Each event your organization hosts has its own Attendance Register. Follow these steps to access the Attendance Register.

  1. Go to Events and select the event that you want to manage. 
  2. Go to Attendees tab.

You can see the list of participants who registered for the event and their respective memberships with you. 

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Manually add attendees

Members can self-register for an event. If they request you to add them as an attendee, here’s what to do.

  1. From your Wajooba account, go to Events.
  2. Find and select the event where you want to add an attendee.
  3. Go to the Attendees tab.
  4. To add an attendee, use the search box to find the member using their name, phone number, or email address.

    💡 If their name didn’t show up, select  Add New Client or the Add Contact 👤 button next to the search box. Enter their name, phone number, and email address in the corresponding fields, then select Submit.

  5. Select their name from the search results and they should be added as one of your event attendees.

After they’re added to the event, the member should receive an email about the class. You can advise them to visit their calendar. All the events they registered for should show up there.

💡 Note that the Attendees tab is different from the Event Check In tab. The Attendees tab lists everyone who registered for the whole event, while the Check In tab groups the attendees according to the session they attended. This means that if the registered member didn't attend the actual session, their name will only appear under the Attendees tab and not the Event Check in tab. 

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Manage memberships

From the Attendees tab, you can quickly see the type of ticket the participants availed from the Membership column. 

If a member is already in the list of event attendees and they don’t have a ticket yet, here’s what to do.

  1. From the Attendance Register, look for the member’s name.
  2. Under the Actions column, select the shopping cart 🛒 icon to be directed to the Store. 
  3. Continue processing their ticket payments. We created a separate guide to help you. Make sure to check that out!

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About student visits

The Attendance Register also allows you to see the number of visits the student had on your events. 

This allows you to make decisions from setting up marketing strategies to managing your students’ performance on the event. For example, a student who always visits your event can be considered as a customer who gives you revenue. This allows you to measure their customer value and provide more activities for them such as providing promotions or even offering new events, courses, or merchandise.

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Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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