Compare practice and final tests

Tests help you assess your members’ understanding of the lessons or discussions you uploaded in the course. The results of these tests contribute to your training strategy such as conducting reviews, holding private classes, facilitating more tests, hosting one-on-one sessions with guardians, and so on to further help your members grasp the whole context and objectives of your course.

Similar to the traditional set up, Wajooba features online tests which you can categorize as a practice or final test. 

Practice tests can be considered as short quizzes or exercises you do after each discussion or chapters. Final tests, on the other hand, are usually conducted at the end of the entire course. Results from final tests usually determine if a member can be certified for a skill you’re teaching in the course. 

During the setup, you can configure the test as a practice or final test. Based on what you selected, Wajooba set the default settings. 

💡 Note that you can only generate one certificate per course. We highly recommend that you enable this feature during their final test since the certification will attest that they already gained the skill or the expertise you shared.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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