Track members' performance on tests

Similar to the traditional learning system that we have in schools or universities, Wajooba allows you to assess your members’ understanding of the topics you discussed from your classes or learning materials through tests.

Consecutively, you can track their performance on these tests. This helps you plan of your next course of action and decide your next training strategy, including providing feedback, remodeling the curriculum, providing supplemental activities and resources, and so on.

We’ll help you get familiar with your Tests tab to track their performance on online tests you added to the course.

Your Tests tab lists all the online tests you created. This gives you a quick view of your online test settings and your members’ performance for each test.

  1. Go to Courses and select the course.
  2. Go to the Tests tab.

You can also track their progress on other activities and forms from the Activities tab.

Tests overview

The Tests page shows you the list of all your online tests. This also give you a quick view of the following:

  • Section name
  • The score type you set for the test
  • The total number of questions included
  • Passing percentage
  • When the test was last updated
  • Test duration

In case you need to reconfigure the settings for your test, simply refer to the steps on how to set up your tests on Wajooba.

Track members’ performance on each test

To see how your members performed on your online tests, Wajooba gives you a quick, yet detailed view of their performance on the test.

Unlike the Activities tab that lists all the course attendees, the Tests tab only shows you the list of the members who have already taken the test and their respective results and performance. This means that if a member hasn't taken the test yet, they won’t show in the list.

From the Tests tab, select the title of the test you want to check. You should see the following:

  • Your members’ name and their email addresses
  • Number of correct and incorrect answers
  • Number of attempted or skipped questions
  • Their actual scores and its equivalent percentage or grade
  • The final result showing if they passed or failed the test
  • When they last updated the quiz

If you want to record or take a screenshot of the member's performance, you can press Ctrl + P on your keyboard and save the image. You can share it to the member's parents or guardian.

⚠️ Moving a member or attendee to a different batch removes their progress of the activity and tests, except for uploaded files or homework and certifications they’ve already earned. You can see these files from their Contacts, under Files and Forms. 

To know more, see how you can manage your batches.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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