Create online tests

Learn how to create tests on Wajooba.

Similar to the traditional learning system that we have in schools or universities, Wajooba allows you to assess your members’ understanding of the topics you discussed from your classes or learning materials through tests.

Results of these tests allow you to provide feedback to your members on areas where they have an opportunity and to assess your teaching strategy to help them have a better grasp of the topic you shared to them.

Tests also allow you to accredit members on the expertise you're sharing. You can grant them certificates which they can use to apply for jobs or to be more proficient in their fields.

💡 For now, you can set up multiple choice and comprehensive type of test. We're currently working towards adding more types of tests to help you assess your students.

Step 1: Set up the Question Bank

The Question Bank houses all the questions that will be part of your online test. It organizes your questions based on chapters or sessions.

⚠️ You need to set up your Question Bank before you can create tests. We created a separate guide to help you create your Question Bank. Make sure to check it out!

If you already have a Question Bank, continue to the next step.

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Step 2: Add a test

Now that you already have your questions ready, let's add a test.

  1. Go to Courses and select your course.
  2. Go to Classes & Curriculum.
  3. Under Curriculum, select the section where you want to add a test as an activity. If you want to add a new section, select Add Section and then Add Activity.
  4. Select Test.

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Step 3: Set up test details

Let's add more details about the test. Follow these steps.

  1. Enter the title of your test in its corresponding field. For example, "Semestral Exam" or "Final Exam."
  2. To add the test instruction, select ➕ Add Instructions.

    💡 You can explain the test information here, such as the test duration, the passing percentage, and the test's score type.

    Score Type Description
    Negative Marking

    Instead of giving no marks, this option deducts points from the actual score based on the number of incurred mistakes.

    Select the pattern you want to use for the test.

    • 1/4: 0.25 point is deducted for every mistake.
    • 1/3: 0.33 point is deducted for every mistake.
    • -1: One point is deducted for every mistake.
    Linear The members’ scores are based on the actual number of correct answers.
    Graded Based on their actual scores, the members’ marks will be graded based on this matrix.
    Grade Actual Score
    A1 90-100
    A2 80-89
    B1 70-79
    B2 60-69
    C1 50-59
    C2 40-49
    D1 30-39
    D2 20-29
    E1 10-19
    E2 0-9
  3. Under Test Information, add the Test DurationPassing Percentage, and the Score Type.

    ⚠️ You're required to add a test duration. Making both hours and minutes zero will automatically fail the members the moment they start the test.

  4. (Optional) To add an image, video, audio, PDF, or paragraph, select the Add Content for the Test checkbox, then select Add Content. It serves as a supplemental resource to help your members answer the questions.

    💡 The  IsComprehensive Test checkbox allows you to show the uploaded content with each question in the test. A few more things to keep in mind:

    • Both contents you add here and in the Question Bank will show up in the test. Make sure not to duplicate your contents.
    • When uploading images, we recommend using 740 x 340 pixels that are not more than 2 Megabytes. 
    • You can upload files with these extensions: mp4, mkv, 3gp, x-flv, MP2T, 3gpp.
  5. To choose a set of questions for your test, select a Question Bank from the dropdown.
  6. Select the chapter and the number of questions you’d like to cover in the test. The number of available questions in each chapter shows just next to the chapter title (#). If you want to add or delete a chapter, select the plus ➕ or trash 🗑️ icon, respectively.

    💡 Setting a number of questions will randomize which questions will show to the members when they take the test. This ensures that no two members have a similar set of questions. For example, you have 100 available questions in a chapter in your question bank, and you set two questions only for the test. The system will randomize which two questions will be included to your members.

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Step 4: Customize test settings

Select the test type for this activity. It can be a practice or a final test. The advanced options will be pre-selected based on the type you selected. 

  • Practice Test: This allows you to create short online tests to assess your members’ understanding of the discussion before you move on to the next topic. Typically, you would want to conduct practice tests after each chapter.
  • Final Test: This helps you test your members’ knowledge and understanding of all the topics in the course. We recommend doing the final test at the latter part of the whole course.

Note that you can still customize it based on your preference.

Advanced Option Settings Description Practice Test Final Test
Generate certificates

Every course has one certificate only. We recommend enabling this on your last test.

Wajooba offers a default template for the certificate. If you want to make your own, you can send us a request to customize your own certificates.

Scoring not needed for the test

Select this checkbox if there is no right or wrong answer and you don’t intend to grade the activity.

Mark test as complete only on pass

This allows your members to repeat the activity until they pass.

Once they pass, they can no longer repeat the test.

Is answer mandatory

This requires your members to provide an answer to the current question before they continue to the next one.

Add result screen

If you want your members to view their scores after the test, you can enable this. This shows the number of questions your members skipped or answered correctly and incorrectly. By default, this is disabled for final tests, but still depends on your preference.

Show answers after each question*

This allows the members to see the correct answer before they continue to the next one.

Show answers in result*

This allows your members to see the correct answers after the test.

Show all choices in result

This allows your members to see their answers and all the choices for each question. This goes hand in hand with “Show answers in result” which means that you should enable the latter to use this feature.

Show explanation

If you’ve added a member or parent explanation for a question in your question bank, enable this.

Allow members to repeat test**

Even if your member passed or failed the test, this allows them to repeat it multiple times. Note that each attempt will still be recorded on the Test tab.

Allow demo test

This allows members who registered for a demo to take the same test. If you want to enable this, make sure to also publish it for the Demo batch, or vice versa.

*If you want to mark the test only on pass, we recommend disabling Show answers after each question and Show answers in result or vice versa. **If mark the test only on pass is enabled with Allow member to repeat test, the activity won't be repeated if they have already passed the test.

To see how the test looks on your members' end, switch to Member Preview from the upper right corner of the page, next to settings.

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Step 5: Submit and publish test

Make sure that all changes are being saved. Otherwise, it won't reflect on your student's end.

  1. To finish adding contents and save the changes, select Submit Activity.
  2. To make this activity available to your students, scroll up and toggle the Publish button.

    Select which batches can see this activity. Select the  Manage Batch 👥 icon next to publish and toggle the corresponding batch.

🎉 Good job! Your students should now be able to see and start answering their assessments.

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Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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