Raise funds for a cause through donations

Support your organization's causes by raising funds through setting up and hosting donation campaigns.

Aside from raising funds to support the campaign's activities, hosting donation campaigns helps you accomplish your mission of helping out the community your organization belongs to and supports. You'll find that most of your donors share the same goal as they have a personal connection towards it and they understand the impact of the campaign to the community.

Some organizations grant scholarships as one of their campaigns. They set up and accept donations from their members to support their beneficiaries.

We'll help you start a donation campaign.

Step 1: Add basic information

Let’s first add the basics of the campaign. You’d want to add what the campaign is, what it is about, and what it supports.

  1. To add a donation campaign, go to Donations and select the plus ➕ icon from the upper right corner of the page. You’ll be asked about the basic information about the campaign.
  2. In the Name field. enter the title of the campaign. For example, "Fundraising Campaign for Cancer Patients" or "Alumni Fundraising Event."
  3. To add a cover image, select Upload Image then open a file from your computer.

    💡 To make sure that your cover is clear and not distorted, use horizontal images instead of vertical ones. We recommend a high-resolution image with 16:9 ratio and 740 x 340 pixels.

  4. Select Next.

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Step 2: Add pricing

To start raising funds for your campaign’s activities, you’ll need to set up the pricing for the donations. You can opt to set different amounts or packages for the donation, or you can opt to let your donors choose an amount to donate. 

To add, you can set how frequently you want donors to donate for your causes. You can set up one time or recurring payment donations.

  1. In the Name and Amount fields, enter the name and amount for the donation.

    💡 If you opt to allow your donors to choose an amount they want to donate, the amount field will be grayed out.

  2. To configure the settings of your pricing, go to Settings or select the gear ⚙️ icon.
  3. Select the appropriate payment mode. Refer to this table for other settings based on the payment mode you selected.
    One-time donations Recurring donations

    One-time donations allow you to set a specific price or you can allow your donors to choose an amount they want to donate after they register.

    • Fixed price: You can set a specific amount for the donation.
    • Users select the price: You can allow the students to donate any amount after they register.

    Unlike recurring donations, one-time donations don’t follow a schedule. Donors can go to the donation page or link anytime they want to donate.

    This mode of donation allows donors to consistently donate to your organization based on the billing frequency you have set.

    Billing Frequency: They can make donations daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly.

    Billing Ends After: You can set how long your donors will be billed.

    • Manual Request: This will continuously bill your donors for their donations, unless they request for cancellation.
    • Ends After: This allows you to set the number of billing cycles for your donors to complete the payment for the course.
  4. Based on your audience, select the appropriate Currency from the dropdown menu. If you need to use other currencies, you can always set up currencies in the payment settings. 
  5. If you want to pass the merchant card fees to your donors or students, select the Charge Card Fees checkbox. The fees will be added to the total amount they’ll pay during the registration or on their recurring bills. You can always configure card fees from your payment settings.
  6. To make your donation options available on your website, select the Publish on Website checkbox.
  7. Select Next.

💡 To add more packages, select the plus ➕ icon next to Settings or the gear ⚙️ icon. If you need to remove a donation option, select the trash 🗑️ icon.

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Step 3: Create the donation campaign’s page

Your donation campaign’s page will be published on the website. This serves as the landing page for your prospect donors looking to donate and see more information about the campaign and its cause.

  1. Choose a template, then select Next.

    💡 If you don’t intend to have a page online, you can skip this step. You can always go back and edit your donation campaign’s page.

  2. Edit the design and layout of your page. Use the available tools to customize it based on how you want to present the campaign to your donors.
  3. Edit the contents of the page to add more details about the campaign or your organization. 
  4. (Optional) If you want to save this edit as a template for future use, select the Save as Template 💾 icon above the page editor. 
  5. Select Next.

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Step 4: Submit and publish

  1. Review and proofread the contents and design of your campaign’s page.
  2. Select Submit.

    💡 To see how it looks before you publish, open the donation campaign you just created, then the Preview tab.

  3. When you’re ready, toggle the Publish button next to the donation campaign’s title.

🎉 Great job! You just finished creating your donation campaign.

You can start accepting donations from your donors and support your organization's causes.

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Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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