Understand session-based credits

Learn more about session-based credits.

Students earn credits from a session-based membership they purchased. Unlike unlimited or recurring memberships, this membership allows students to get unlimited access to the contents of your course until it expires but limits the students to attend a certain number of classes or events based on their membership.

For example, if a student registers for a 5-session membership, this means that they’ll have unlimited access to the chapters until it expires, but they can only attend 5 classes or events within the same course.

We’ll help you know more about session-based memberships, so you can help your students manage their credits.

How can students use their credits?

Students can use their session-based credits whenever they register for a class or event hosted by the same course they enrolled for.

From the Attendance Register, you should see your students’ remaining credits under the Membership column.

What will happen after the students use up all their credits?

When a student uses up all their credits, they can still access the course chapters and contents until their membership expires. However, they won’t be able to register for other classes or events. They will need to earn more credits to register for more sessions.

How can students earn more credits?

Students can get more credits and register for more classes or events when they purchase a new session-based membership. They’ll earn new credits based on the number of sessions their new membership offers. 

Similarly, they can opt to switch to unlimited or recurring membership, if you offer this type of membership as well. This will give them unlimited access to both chapters and classes or events until it expires.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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