Process course membership and event ticket payments

Learn how you can process course and event membership payments for your members on Wajooba.

When registering for courses or events, members can register on their own or they can request you to process the registration and membership payments for them.

These manual requests usually come from existing members wanting to register for another course or switch to a different membership.

We'll help you how to process membership payments for them.

Step 1: Start processing membership payments

There are multiple ways to process membership payments. A shopping cart 🛒 icon is available across some pages on your Wajooba account to direct you to the Store. Here's what you need to do to start processing payments.

If you used the shopping cart feature from the Courses, Classes, and Events menu, the member and the course should already be selected. Otherwise, double-check and follow these steps.

  1. Go to Store.
  2. Using the search box, find your student’s name, email address, or phone number.

    💡 If their name didn’t show up, select  Add New Client to add them to your contacts.

  3. Select the course they want to register for.

Step 2: Add the membership to cart

  1. Double-check the right panel to see if you’re selecting the correct course.
  2. Select Add to Cart on the membership your member wants to register for.
  3. Review the membership plan details, then select Add to Cart.
One-time payments Recurring payments
Price: Double check the price or amount of the pricing option. If there has been an update on the pricing, you can quickly change and enter the amount in this field.
Sessions: Check the number of sessions your student is registering for. If the pricing has unlimited sessions, this field won’t show up.
Membership End Date: This shows the date of the membership validity. After the date, the student will no longer have access to the course, unless they renew.
Total: This shows the total amount they’ll pay, not including the taxes and credit card fees.
Membership End Date: This shows the date of the membership validity. After the date, the student will no longer have access to the course, unless they renew.
Subscription: This the amount they’ll pay based on the billing frequency of the pricing: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly. You can change the value in the field when there’s a recent price increase or whenever necessary.
Subscription Billing Starts: This indicates the date when the billing will start and what day of each month the student will be billed.
Subscription Billing Ends: This indicates when the subscription will end. Depending on the pricing’s settings, the subscription may end after a specific number of billing cycles or upon the student’s request.
Registration Fees: This shows the amount the student will pay for registration.
Total: This shows the total amount they’ll pay, not including the taxes and credit card fees.

Step 3: (Optional) Add more items and apply offers

💡 Currently, you can process payments for one membership only at a time. We’re currently working on it, so you can add another membership for a separate course and use the  Add item feature.

You should see your member's order summary on the right part of the page. It should show you the total amount they'll pay along with the taxes and credit card fees.

If your organization currently has a promotion or discounts, you can enter the offer code in its designated field, then select Apply. The discount amount should also be displayed in the order summary.

Step 4: Process the payment

You can process your members’ payments based on their preferred payment method. By default, you can accept cash or cheques payments. Since both of these methods happen externally, you can simply add a note or memo about their payment. You can also process memberships for members who opt to pay later

If you want to accept credit card and ACH payments, make sure to set up and integrate your payment service provider on your account. We support integrations with Stripe, Nelnet, or Razorpay. 

  1. Select your member's preferred payment method. 
  2. Check the amount of payment you'll process.

    💡 If your member opts to pay partially, change the amount in its corresponding field. Their balance will show on the invoice or payment summary after you process the transaction.

  3. Enter your member's payment details. If they already have one, select the payment they want to use, then continue to step 5.
  4. (Optional) If the member agreed to save their information on file, select the Store on file checkbox.
  5. Select Checkout.

You'll see the invoice after processing their payments. Your student should also receive a copy of the invoice in their email.

This will automatically associate the course to your member's membership. This helps your members have immediate access to their profile and the course they registered for.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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