Change or switch memberships

Learn how to change your members’ memberships.

Members can buy one or more memberships you offer for a course. Here are a few scenarios where you and your members may want to change their membership:

  • The member wants to have access to more sessions. 
  • They want to buy a different membership than what they currently have.
  • You have a price increase and new membership offers. Learn more about updating membership prices.

We’ll help you update their membership.

Step 1: Process a new membership

You can advise your students to register for a new membership or you can process it on their behalf

If they already registered for their new membership, continue to the next step.

Step 2: (Optional) Cancel the previous membership

You may need to cancel their previous membership, especially if it’s a recurring one. This ensures that they won’t be billed for it on the next cycle.

💡 For tracking purposes, you can cancel a one-time or session-based membership. It's also okay if you don't want to cancel, these two won’t bill them and will automatically be cancelled on their expiration dates.

Step 3: Switch membership

You can change the student's membership from the course's Attendees tab or the class or event's Attendance Register.

⚠️ Updating or switching the student's membership will affect the sales report, validity of membership, and the number of sessions they have access to.

  1. Go to the Attendees tab or the Attendance Register and find your student’s name from the list. 
  2. Under the Membership column, select the switch icon just before their current membership plan.

    💡 You’ll see a “No Membership Found” error from the upper right corner of the page if the student has no other membership to switch to. You can process a new membership for them first.

  3. From the Change Membership prompt, select the new membership then Submit.

This should update the active membership plan showing on the Attendees tab and their access to the course.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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