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Wajooba allows you to store all the uploaded files, certificates, and homeworks you or your students have previously uploaded using their account.

The Files section of the reports serves as a storage for all your organization’s files. This helps you track and review these files when the need arises. This is the way to go if you need to check a dispute or review multiple files that you’ve previously uploaded, instead of going through each of the courses to look for the file.

To view all your files, go to  Reports and select Files.

We’ll help you understand this section so you can easily check its contents.

Understanding the Files page

The files section is sorted according to date starting from the last updated file. This helps you scan through multiple files that you’ve uploaded in a day, especially if you need to review its contents.

If you need to check multiple files per course and with different dates, it would be more convenient to review your files in the course itself.

Here’s a quick guide of all the details you’ll see in this section.

Details Decription
Course/Contact This shows you the course where the file was uploaded or the contact who uploaded the file.
File This shows you the name of the file and its type. It can be a document, audio, video, or PDF file. The file extension, which identifies the type of file, should show at the end of the file name.
File Size This should show you the size of the file that was uploaded.
Last Updated This shows when it was uploaded or last updated.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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