Publish and unpublish courses and activities

As a course facilitator, scheduling and calendaring your course curricular activities is very vital. It's best to not overwhelm your members with the course by making all the activities available to them all at once as they tend to either finish the course on one go or not finish it at all.

Dripping contents to your members by knowing when to publish and unpublish your activities greatly help in their understanding of each chapter in the course.

Though scheduling when to publish activities appears to be an easy task, it may become confusing when you start dripping contents to multiple batches. We recommend creating your own spreadsheet file or calendar to track your activities and their schedule of release.

Here's how and when to publish or unpublish your course and contents.

Publish or unpublish courses

You would want to publish your courses and make it available to your online store so you can start sharing your expertise and selling your training brand. This marks the start of accepting registrations from members who want to learn more about the course. 

On the other hand, unpublishing the course means that it will no longer appear on your online store. Members who already registered and are existing attendees of the course will still have access to its contents, unless you unpublish the contents for their batch. You can do this if you want to pause accepting registrations, while facilitating discussions, classes, and events to those who have already registered.

To publish or unpublish a course, simply toggle the Publish or Published button respectively. It should be right next to the title of the course.

💡 Unless and until the course is published, it won't be accessible to the public or online store and interested members won't be able to register on their own.

Publish or unpublish contents

Members are divided into batches when they register for a course. If you’re not managing your batches, you should be good as the system creates the first batch and manages it for you. The only thing you need to do is to prepare your activities or chapters and schedule when to publish or make them available to your members. 

If you’re managing multiple batches, you will also need to manage which batch the chapters will be available for.

Similarly, publishing contents or chapters mean that you’re making it accessible to your attendees. Members can start their learning journey and start the discussions, answer tests, and fill out forms. 

If you need to unpublish an activity for a batch, you can do so. This will not affect the progress of the members in the batch. However, it would still be best to advise your members that you’ll be unpublishing it, as the activity will be removed from their view.

💡 Members who have already registered for the course will still have access to its contents even if you unpublish the course and make it unavailable on the website.

To publish or unpublish an activity for a batch, follow these steps:

  1. From the course, go to Classes & Curriculum.
Left Panel view to Sections
  1. Below Curriculum, select the activity you want to publish or unpublish.
  2. Select the Publish or Published toggle next to the current batch. If you’ll need to publish or unpublish the activity for other batches, select the Manage Batch 👥 icon next to it and toggle the appropriate batches.'

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

Curated By: Mandar Khopkar

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