Track members' progress on activities

There are multiple ways to track your members’ progress. Here, we’ll help you get familiar with your Activities tab to track their completion on contents or forms you added as an activity.

The Activities tab compiles all the chapters or sections you added for the course, except for online tests. This helps you have a quick view of your activity settings and your members’ completion per activity. 

  1. Go to Courses and select your course.
  2. Go to Activities.

You can track your member's performance on online tests from the Tests tab.

Activities overview

From this page, you will see all the activities you added in the course. This gives you a quick view of the following:

  • Section name
  • Number of questions asked

    💡 By default, the forms you added as an activity will show as zero (0) as its setup does not have the “Ask questions” checkbox or feature.

  • If you enabled to track the activity

    💡 For forms, it is enabled by default, so you’ll see a check mark under the Track Activity column even though it’s not in the setup when you add forms as an activity.

  • If you allowed members to repeat the activity, if needed
  • If you allowed members to upload files for their homework

    💡 For forms, you’ll see an “X” mark under the Allow uploads column by default as this is not in the setup when you add forms as an activity.

  • When the activity was last updated

If you need to reconfigure the settings for your activities, please refer to the steps on how to add contents and forms on Wajooba.

Track members’ progress per activity

The Activities tab also allows you to quickly view how many members have already completed the activity. From the same page, select the title of the activity.

💡 If you’re managing multiple batches, note that all attendees for each batch will show per activity.

It should show you the following:

  • List of all your members with their email addresses
  • Members’ status of the activity and when they last updated it

This means that you’ll see all your course attendees here, even if they have already completed the activity or not.

⚠️ Moving a member or attendee to a different batch removes their progress of the activity and tests, except for uploaded files or homework and certifications they’ve already earned. You can see these files from their Contacts, under Files and Forms. 

To know more, see how you can manage your batches.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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