How to add a student profile to Contact Portal

Building a Strong Contact Database is super essential to building your training brand. We at Wajooba, strive to ensure you can build that automatically, add all the important segmentation for you to slice and dice your data.

Wajooba's CRM is super-simplified. On just one screen you can manage all your contacts, like.

  • Students
  • Guardians
  • Leads
  • Follow-ups
  • Staff
  • Account Stages

When you add a contact, by default we added him with Student Role.

Other Interests

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There are multiple ways to add a new contact. let's summarize them

On Contacts Portal

  • By Clicking, Add a Contact

Other Screens

  • Sign IN Screen
  • Store Screen
  • Contact Details Screen

Wajooba smart search bar, when you search for a contact, if we do not find the contact, it prompts with a 

Add New Contact, that's where you can add a contact as well

through the keyboard, press enter Add New Client, it will open the new Client Dialog

You can then start adding the details and click submit.

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