Manage class attendees

Learn how you can use your Attendance Register to manage your class attendees on Wajooba.

The Attendance Register is a vital tool for class and course organizers as it lists all the individuals who have registered for a particular class hosted by the organization. Managing the class attendees through this register not only helps in tracking their attendance but also provides an overview of the memberships and subscription status of the attendees. 

By keeping track of the attendees, you can send announcements, message alerts, and updates to your attendees, ensuring timely and effective communication. Additionally, monitoring the attendance of the attendees helps in ensuring that the class is being conducted efficiently and provides insights into areas where improvement is required. This, in turn, results in a better overall learning experience for the attendees and helps to enhance the reputation of the organization.

💡 Events have its own attendance register. Make sure to check it out!

Review your Attendance Register

Each class your organization hosts has its own Attendance Register. Follow these steps to access the Attendance Register.

  1. Go to Classes
  2. From the Class Calendar, find and select the class you want to view.

    💡 To quickly find a class, you can switch your calendar view to  TodayWeekly, or Monthly from the upper right corner of the page next to the Programs 🗓️ and Add a Class ➕ button.

As soon as you get access to the class you want to view, you can see the list of class participants who registered for it and their respective memberships with you. 

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Manually add class attendees

Members who registered for the course can register for its available classes. If they request you to add them to a class, here’s what to do.

💡 Members who aren’t part for the course can’t register for the class. They need to register for a course first.

  1. Go to Classes.
  2. From the Class Calendar, find and select the class where you want to add an attendee.

    💡 To quickly find a class, you can switch your calendar view to  TodayWeekly, or Monthly from the upper right corner of the page next to the Programs 🗓️ and Add a Class ➕ button.

  3. To add an attendee, use the search box to find the member using their name, phone number, or email address.

    💡 If their name didn’t show up, select  Add New Client or the Add Contact 👤 button next to the search box. Enter their name, phone number, and email address in the corresponding fields, then select Submit.

  4. Select their name from the search results and they should be added as one of your class attendees.

After they’re added to the class, the member should receive an email about the class. You can advise them to visit their calendar. All the classes they registered for should appear there.

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Manage memberships

From the Attendance Register, you can quickly see the participants’ membership from the Membership column. This is the membership they availed when they registered for the course. 

If a member registered for a session-based membership, you’ll also see the remaining credits they can use to register for other classes.

Switch memberships

If a member upgraded their membership or purchased a new one. It’s best to update the membership showing on the Attendance Register as well.

  1. From the Attendance Register, look for the member’s name and select the switch 🔀 icon under the Membership column.
  2. Select the member’s correct or updated membership.
  3. Select Submit.

Process a membership

If they’re already in the list of class attendees but don't have a course membership yet, you can process a membership for them. Follow these steps. 

  1. From the Attendance Register, look for the member’s name.
  2. Under the Actions column, select the shopping cart 🛒 icon to be directed to the Store. 
  3. Continue processing their membership. We created a separate guide on how to process a membership. Make sure to check that out!

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Send emails or texts to attendees

You can send emails or SMS to all of your attendees. It is a good way to send communications to all of them, especially if you have important announcements before or after the class.

Send an email

Email is a more effective communication tool than SMS for sharing detailed or lengthy information with attendees. It has more space for text, images, and attachments, making it easier to provide in-depth information and resources. It is also a better choice for sending newsletters, promotional messages, or updates about upcoming events as it offers more creative formatting and design options to grab attention.

  1. From your Attendance Register, select the Send Email button at the upper right corner of the page.
  2. (Optional) In the CC field, add other recipients who you want to send the email to. These recipients are usually those who are not an attendee of the class or event such as parents or guardians, or third-party individuals or organizations who you partnered with to facilitate the class.
  3. In the Subject field, enter the topic or subject of your message.
  4. In the textbox, enter your message.
  5. Select Send.

Send a text

Sending SMS is a quick and direct way to reach your attendees' mobile device, with a high open and read rate compared to emails. This makes SMS an ideal choice for sending time-sensitive or urgent information, such as reminders or updates about your events. SMS is also a useful tool for two-way communication, allowing attendees to respond directly to your message, making it a more interactive and personal form of communication.

  1. From your Attendance Register, select the Send Text button at the upper right corner of the page.
  2. In the textbox, enter your message.
  3. Select Send.

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About student visits

The Attendance Register also allows you to see the number of visits the student had on your classes. 

This allows you to make decisions from setting up marketing strategies to managing your students’ performance on the course. For example, a student who always visits your classes can be considered as a customer who gives you revenue. This allows you to measure their customer value and provide more activities for them such as providing promotions or even offering new courses or merchandise.

In measuring performance, their attendance to classes plays a big role in understanding the course discussions. This allows you to provide real time action when someone misses their attendance to your classes.

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Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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