Manage uploaded homework, files, and forms

Learn how you can upload and manage your homework, files, and forms on Wajooba.

From time-to-time, your course admins will require you to upload your homework to mark an activity complete. This is to help them assess your understanding of the discussion or content they added in the chapter of the course.

Similarly, they may need you to submit some files to update your account information or for other purposes.

Here's how you can manage all files and forms you uploaded on Wajooba.

Manage uploaded homework, files, and forms

The Files & Forms tab on your Profile compiles all everything you have uploaded through your account. You can do several things on these tab to manage your files.

Manage folders

Folders help you organize your files. You can group your files according to the course or chapter where they belong to.

  • Add folder: Select the Add folder 📁 icon from the upper right corner of the File & Forms tab's page.
  • Rename folder: Select the pencil ✏️ icon next to the folder's current name.
  • Delete folder: Select the trash 🗑️ icon on the right corner of the folder.
  • View YouTube or Vimeo URL: Next to the trash icon, select the URL 🔗 icon.
  • View all uploaded documents: Next to the trash and URL icon, select the document 📄 icon.

Manage files

To see your files from each folder, select the document 📄 icon next to the trash and URL icons of each folder. Each file should show when the file was uploaded.

  • Download file: Select the download 📥 icon at the end of each file.
  • Upload file: Select Upload file just below the folder's name.

💡 Note that once uploaded, you can no longer delete a file, otherwise, you delete the entire folder.

Upload homework

If your course admins require you to submit your homework to mark an activity as complete, it's best to upload it from the activity itself.

  1. From your Wajooba account, go to Courses and select the course with the pending activity.
  2. Select the activity where you're uploading your homework.
  3. Read and understand the content of the chapter and the instructions for your homework.
  4. At the end of the page, select Upload Homework and select the file from your device.
  5. Select the I have completed this activity checkbox.
  6. Select Submit.

The activity will be marked as completed and your homework will be available to your course admins. To view your uploaded homework, see how you can manage your uploaded homework, files, and forms.

Upload other files requested by the course admin

Your course admins may request files from you and may advise you to upload it on your account. Follow these steps to upload your file.

  1. Log in to your Wajooba account, then go to your Profile.
  2. Go to the Files & Forms tab.
  3. (Optional) To add a new folder, select the Add folder 📁 icon from the upper right corner of the tab's page. Select the pencil ✏️ icon to rename the folder.
  4. Select Upload File and select the file you want to upload from your device.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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