Get familiar with the Course Curriculum

Learn more about your course curriculum on Wajooba and how you can manage it to upload contents, tests, and forms for your course chapters.

After a student registers for your course, wouldn’t it be nice if they can already see the topics they’ll soon learn? This gives them an impression that everything’s already prepared and it’s just them we’ve been waiting for.

The course curriculum organizes courses into sections and activities. We recommend arranging them in an order that is based on how you want to discuss the topics throughout the course.

💡 Some users refer to the activities as chapters or lessons. You can call it based on what you prefer, the important thing is it should be organized systematically according to the flow of the course.

Add sections and activities

By default, your curriculum already has one section and an activity that you can always manage. 

Select  Add Section or Add Activity then you can continue renaming or deleting them using the pencil ✏️ and trash 🗑️ icon to rename or delete them, respectively. 

Great work! These tools will help you organize your course curriculum.

Start building your activities by adding your training materials, exercises, and forms. Here are guides to help you set up your discussions.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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