Create a private class

Learn how to create a private class on Wajooba.

Private classes are exclusive to registered students only, providing them with a personalized and secure learning environment. This means that the class won't be publicly visible on your website and new visitors will only be able to access it through registering for the course it belongs to. This feature allows you to control who has access to your private classes, ensuring that your students receive the best possible educational experience.

We'll help you create a private class for your students.

How to create a private class

Facilitating a private class provides several benefits, such as: creating a more personalized learning experience for students, promoting a sense of community among classmates, allowing for more open and focused discussions, and allowing you to tailor the course content to meet specific student needs. It also enhances privacy and security as only registered students will have access to the class materials and discussions.

  1. Create a class like you usually do. Make sure not to select the Publish on Website checkbox, otherwise, the class will be available to the general public as well.
  2. Make sure the class in unpublished. Don't toggle the Publish button next to the class title.

Great! This private class should now be available to all members who enrolled for the course. They should continue to register for the sessions from their Calendar.

New students who just registered for the course will automatically see the class sessions from their account's calendar.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila
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