Organize your first event

Learn how you can organize your first event on Wajooba.

An event is a planned occasion, often held to gather people for a specific purpose. Events can range from small, intimate gatherings to large-scale productions, such as conferences, concerts, festivals, and sports competitions. 
The goal of an event is to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for your attendees, while achieving the objectives you set. Events can be social, cultural, or educational, and can take place in a variety of settings, from online or in-person set up. 

We’ll help you create your first event and discuss the marketing tools you can leverage to maximize your attendees.

Step 1: Create an event

May it be a paid, free, donation-based, or even an external event by a partner or other organization that you want to promote, we got you covered. We created a detailed guide for you to create your events with ease; from setting up your event schedules, deciding to set up an online or in-person event, assigning the host or facilitator, to setting up your event ticket prices and customizing the sales page or landing page for the event.

💡 A few tips:

  • Before you create an event, make sure to connect your payment processor such as Stripe, Nelnet, or Razorpay to provide flexible payment options including cash, cheque, credit card, ACH, or from other third-party services. 
  • For events that you want to host online, it’s best to connect your Zoom account with Wajooba before you create an event, so you can have a seamless online event setup.

After you submit the event you created, it will not be published yet to give you time to review its details. Once you’re ready, you can publish it to make it live and available on your public website. This will allow you to start your marketing plans and accept registration from your audiences.

Step 2: Start marketing

One of the biggest challenges for event organizers is attracting attendees and building engagement. With so many events taking place in today's digital landscape, it can be difficult to stand out and grab the attention of your target audience. 

By leveraging technology and utilizing powerful marketing tools Wajooba offers, you can overcome these challenges and create a memorable and impactful experience for their attendees. 

Here are some marketing tools you can use to maximize your attendees:

While your Wajooba account has a built-in marketing tool for your campaigns, you can also connect your Mailchimp account to streamline the setup for your email campaigns. Similarly, you can also connect your Twilio or Plivo account for SMS campaigns.

💡 If you have an existing list of contacts, it’s best to import it first to your account. This is very important since your existing customers already have trust in you, and they are the ones who’ll mostly sign up or register for your services first.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve started marketing your events, you can now continue working on other preparations you need before it commences, such as tracking your logistics, preparing for the venue if it’s an in-person event, and so on while you keep doing your marketing strategies and plans to reach your expected number of attendees.

Created by: Paul Romuel Danila

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